The place where my life has changed

This place has totally transformed my life, and is still doing it.

In the past, I would find myself constantly looking for things that were beneficial for me, maybe, that was why I never really consumed drugs, alcohol or anything that would harm me in any way (I did try certain substances but just tasted them). I would search things which I thought they would make me feel happier, such as money, nice clothes, dancing, relationships, courses, reading lots of books, inspirational conferences mostly to make money, etc. which they can do, of course!  but… I was never satisfied.

I had this constant emptiness inside of me, I used to jump from one thing to the other, desperately searching for this unknown happiness for years, trying to please the physical side of me only.

I never thought I could do anything about my inner being because I used to believe that I was who I was. My character, my personality couldn’t be changed. I was sensitive and emotional, also very unstable.

I had my mum’s characteristics and also my dad’s so…, that’s it!, I was who I was supposed to be and I could only do something about my exterior.

In this place I learned how to take care of my soul… something that sets the foundation for everything else we want to do in life.

When your soul is happy, satisfied, everything else comes along.

The UCKG Helpcentre did a very much needed brain wash in me. I was helped in such a way that everything negative that my soul carried inside was demolished, broken, and diminished into nothing… the pride, the selfishness, the hatred, the bad eyes, the jealousy, the anxiety, the suicidal thoughts, the self-pity, all those things and more were crashed down, and even today, I have to keep them away, constantly checking my thoughts and rejecting them from my mind. Now I know the secret to protect my soul, which is the most precious asset I own.

Everything else will die, will stay behind but my soul, will go on forever, therefore I need to cherish it, nurture it, purify it, water it, with the word of God and sustain it by practising an intelligent faith.

Would you like to know how? Go there, to this place, you will find what you need in order to start a brand new life, the way you want, the way you have always dreamt, and even beyond you can imagine. You can find it in more than 200 countries around the world. Here are all the addresses.

Go, go!! You have nothing to loose!!!


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