Translating and interpreting English to Spanish is my main profession. I started translating a few posts and books 7 years ago, I wanted to transmit the same edifying messages I was reading to my family and friends.

I have always been interested in languages, but now it became much more than that.

For me, translating is more than just content in another language. It is an art and I’m passionate about it.

It’s important to know the target and source language very well, to understand the exact meaning of each sentence and translate that same meaning but for different kind of people, therefore, the culture of both languages must be known too.

When I translate, I try my best to pass on culture, attitude, humour, character, style, rhythm in order to adapt it to the source language, with a twist in personality for the different readers. It’s important to know to whom it was written and from who, and the purpose of the text, otherwise you can easily end up writing your own perceptions about the whole context. You will only identify those if you understand the source language as well as the target language. It must follow the same formality or informality. Never translate word by word, it will turn into a literal translation, equal a very bad translation, that’s exactly what google translator does – terrible translations!.

I can translate formal documents into English, but not informal. Even though I understand informal English when translating it into Spanish, I couldn’t do the other way around because slang, informal expressions are not part of my daily vocabulary, I would have to get someone native to proofread.

I just started a new company with two more friends, it’s called P.A.S.O.S. consultas. We help Spanish speakers established themselves here in the UK. If you need anyone who might be in need, give us a call, the first consultancy appointment is free.

  Pasos bc back

If you just need a very quick translation, as quick as less than an hour, click here.

Otherwise you can always contact me directly by filling up the form below:


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