About me and my blog

I was born in Switzerland on the 27th of August 1977. Switzerland is a beautiful place of which I will speak about soon. Moved to Spain, Galicia when I was 6 years old, in order to live with my brother and my grandmother as my family is all Spanish. My parents stayed in Switzerland working.

My childhood was normal, never lacked anything, I can say I had the privilege of having a healthy upbringing. Can’t complaint really!!

I used to write a lot, for some reason I always felt lonely and writing would help me unload many of the issues I carried inside of me.

Spark & glow, Why?

Spark when you come up with ideas, when you think, when you reason about things and, you glow when you put those ideas/thoughts into action. Does it make sense to you? I really hope it does 😉

“You are what you eat”

“You are who you think you are”

“You can be who you want to be, so just imagine yourself being the way you want to be and take the necessary steps to change”

“Others see you the way you see yourself”

I used to be someone who would adapt easily to the kind of surroundings I was in and even though I would take pride on this because I ended up meeting people from all walks of life, I realised I just wanted to please others. I used to think I would find happiness by being who I thought they wanted me to be.

Find a quiet place, maybe your room… ¡it could be even the toilet! and reflect often on who you are and who you want to be. Think, think, think and plan your way to be who you want to be. Changes are great.

Now, instead of trying to copy or envy someone else, I admire the good qualities that others have, I like to learn from people who is successful, people who have achieved great things and people who are truly happy. Never listen to those who talk talk talk talk and have no results. It’s a waste of time really!

If someone who is overweight is teaching you about diets then don’t trust that person! That’s just an example.

The reason I started this blog it’s because I like to read, learn and do things that benefit me, my body, my mind and my soul and I want to share everything I learn because I like to help you and also, in that way, I will be more willing to put it into practise too… I must practise what I preach, right?